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We bought a Quarry (May 2022)

May is most definitely my favourite month , everything bursts into life.

The quarry is home to many ancient Hawthorn trees that produced an incredible display of Mayflowers for just a seven day period this month alongside Elderflowers and playing host to dozens of flying insects. The ground and pathways are alive with Red Campion and Foxgloves all doing their thing and dozens of ancient ferns on the banks,

This month has been a planting extravaganza for us including eleven types of ornamental and edible gingers along the banks of the lake that will grow to look like a dense reedbed with the difference being an impressive display of tall flowers of red white and orange in the Autumn.

Our nursery took a stand at this years Rare plant fair at Tregrehan Gardens in St.Austell where we also went on a spending spree buying up very rare varieties of gingers, bamboos and Gunnera. ( still managed to make a small profit on the day). We created two more circular beds planted up with Tree ferns and Palms and a number of unusual Agapanthus for mid summer colour. These rare breeds will ultimately attract the purists and plant collectors to the garden.

Now to the saga of the Terrapins.

We thought after many weeks we just had one sole survivor from the past century that has been seen sunbathing on a log sticking out of the water but were horrified to see two yesterday about the size of a dustbin lid and we are still working out how to catch and relocate them before we can introduce fish and vegetation into the lake. Pretty tricky I can assure you, they are fast and very strong.

The wildflower field is struggling due partly to the very dry April and is now only just showing signs of life and in the meantime we have been invaded by wild thistles of the invasive kind and unfortunately if we want the meadow to succeed we will need to resort to using a systemic herbicide called ‘ Graze on 90’ which at least does not damage the other grasses etc but this will be a last resort.

Lots of birds nesting onsite at the moment including Mistle Thrush, Treecreeper and finally that annoying Chiffchaff who finally found a mate. We also have a wildcat on site that were introduced to the surrounding area in 2020 about double the size of an average Ginger with pointed ears and very fast. Doing my homework on these animals at the moment but believe they are no threat to humans and feed on rabbits which would be helpful.

Mains water is now connected after many months and we are waiting for Great Western Power to connect electricity so we can power a large waterfall on the lake and add a supply to a possible log house in the future.

All in all no great disasters and after eight months we are on target with our long term plans. I would like to thank God for the heavy heavy rain that fell on Saturday morning, it was just a great shame we were camping with a dodgy tent. ( Never Again?)

Finally we are getting the blog re-vamped this month to include photos and an opportunity to follow our story. I hope you will support us for the greater good of nature and the environment. Thank you.

Andrew Pearson ( June 2022)