There are over 3500 recorded varieties of Palm tree around the globe and while most of us associate palms with an idyllic tropical beach (perhaps lying in a hammock) there are in fact over 50 varieties that grow and flourish in conditions a great distance from the Equator. Since the 1800’s new discoveries were being shipped into Europe many of which have survived over 100 years. Most recently as the mid-nineties new hardy palms and exotics were being discovered in the far east and South America and are now being successfully cultivated in the UK.

With 24 years experience Palmtraders believe the key to growing these stunning architectural plants relies on a few basic instructions.

1. Choosing your position is important. Most palms prefer a sunny south-facing aspect in an area free from harsh winds.

2. Most palms prefer to be planted in a free-draining medium by adding some horticultural git or pebbles to the soil or by raising the bed slightly for assistance.

3. During the first year of planting an occasional feed with a balanced fertilizer will encourage the roots to form and establish quicker. A fertilizer with an NPK ratio of around 15-5-15 would be ideal.

4. Please feel free to contact us with any questions via our free advice service, and finally landscaping and design

Palmtraders have a wealth of experience creating Mediterranean gardens in the South-west blending the exotic with the unusual.

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